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Click Tours is a Tour Operator based in Israel, specialized in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Offering Daily Tours, Tour Packages, Christian Holy Land tours, Jewish Heritage tours, Tailor-made Tours and Private Tours. We have a wide selection of tours that run every day. Our goal is to make sure your customer's will have the best experience thay can have during your visit to Israel - an experience  will remember forever.

Our expert tour planners specialize in tailor made programs for groups and individuals, taking into consideration the specific needs of each market. We creating and delivering unique truly memorable group programmes to the Israel, and key destinations for your clients.

You can rely on Click Tours Israel team, professional experts to deliver:

✔ Daily & Weekly Israel group tours, Jewish Heritage tours, Christian Pilgrims & Holy Land tours, Classic tours, Highlight Tours and Other Awesome Stuff.

✔ Book hotels, transfers, car rentals, tours and VIP Airport services at most competitive prices.

✔ Family Experience! Let’s create a Wedding Arrangements; Family Trips; Holidays; Bar or Bat Mitzva etc.

✔ Programmes for the Israel destinations: in-depth knowledge of our destinations to tailor made memorable and great value group tours for your customers. Our group tours include unique experiences to suit all budgets.

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We specialize in tailor-made programs for groups and individuals.
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