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5 Absolutely Awesome Museums you’ll want to Visit in Israel

Bursting with innovation and creativity – Israel is the hub of museums. It is known for its complex history also for its religious pilgrimage sites. This tiny country has more than 200 museums. Most of the major museums are in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem representing art and archaeology, biblical history or Islamic culture and more. It is evident how genuinely thoughtful is Israel about education and culture. Israel’s museums will take you back to the roots of its history. If your mind wants to explore the culture, religion, arts, archaeology, anything or everything about Israel, museums are the place, to begin with. We made a list of Israel’s 5 absolutely awesome museums you would like to visit.

1. The Israel Museum

Israel Museum in Jerusalem is ranked among the leading art and archaeology museums of the world and is also known as the encyclopedic museum. It was founded in 1965 – and after a long period of renovation, it was reopened in 2010. The museum focuses on Arts mainly and displays the world’s most comprehensive collections of the archaeology of the Holy Land and Jewish Art. It has further eleven separate departments that represent European Art, Modern Art, Asian Art, Art of America, etc. This museum has a collection of approximately 500,000 objects that represent world material culture.

2. Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

Yad Vashem is dedicated to preserving the memory of victims of the Holocaust, those Jews who died in World War II fighting against Nazi. The New Yad Vashem Museum was opened in 2005. It has nine galleries of interactive historical displays present the Holocaust through a range of multimedia devices. If you want to experience Israel – you must visit this to pay a tribute to the memory of those who sacrificed.

3. Design Museum Holon

The Design Museum is designed by an Israeli Architect Ron Arad, located a few miles south of Tel Aviv, in the city of Holon. It came into existence in 2010. This museum is wholly dedicated to design and its manifestations. This museum quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading museums of design and contemporary culture.

4. Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem

Also known as the Jerusalem Citadel, TOD is located in the Old City of Jerusalem – near the Jaffa Gate. This museum itself is an intriguing archaeological site dating back over 2000 years, also it represents the major events in the history of Jerusalem. Special cultural events and educational programs are regularly scheduled at the sight. TOD night light show is also the main highlight – a celebration of sounds and images to portray the history of Jerusalem uniquely.

5. Tel Aviv Museum of Art

This museum was first founded in 1932 in a building that was formerly residence of Tel Aviv’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff. The museum exhibits an extensive collection of contemporary, classical art, especially Israeli Art – also the largest museum of Israel. Art work of local as well as international level is displayed here. If you plan on visiting this museum, you might be able to catch a concert going on in the auditorium, or maybe a foreign movie in the cinema. This place also organizes art activities for kids.

Museums provide a unique interactive experience of getting up close to things we usually see in books or in the television – We highly recommend exploring these museums in Israel to relax, learn and be inspired.

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