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Arts and Culture Centers in Jerusalem

Despite the changes that have turned Jerusalem into a cosmopolitan city, it is still quite traditional and many cultural events occur here. Travel around the city and get the experience, Jerusalem holds in stock for its visitors.

Classical Music

As in the other cities of the country, classical music is popular amongst the residents of Jerusalem.

In the German Colony in Jerusalem–a 19th-century settlement of members of the German Temple society–also called Moshava today, there’s the Jerusalem Theatre otherwise known as the Jerusalem Centre for Performing Art. The theatre has 4 halls and a combined capacity of over 2000 seats and is the city’s informal cultural center. It plays host to over 1,000 cultural events yearly. The Center is permanent host to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra–in the Henry Crown Symphony Hall–, the Jerusalem Orchestra East-West, the Mikro Theatre, and the Israel Festival. Also, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra attracts an impressive crowd of admirers that have 30,000 subscribers on their season tickets, which is the largest per capita worldwide. Another first for Israel.


The theater in vogue at the moment in Jerusalem, is the Khan Theatre. Every season, the theatre produces 5 plays in the most ingenious manner. Although the performances have been allocated to Israeli plays and foreign plays, a majority of the performances are still in Hebrew. The Habima Theater, in Tel Aviv is also recommended for its great repertory.


The Jerusalem Film Center has established itself as a popular venue for arthouse films, host to the Jerusalem Cinematheque and two cinemas showing classics, recent releases, and foreign arthouse movies. The majority of the films from abroad are screened in the language of the countries where they were produced and with Hebrew subtitles, for the local audience. Lev Smadar Cinema Jerusalem and Cinema City Jerusalem are two prominent cinemas in Jerusalem.


Following the interventions by the Jerusalem Development Authority, a new breath of life has been infused to street art and it’s been better than before. Resulting from this initiative in 2016e, the Mahane Yehuda Market has turned into a total street art exhibition only visible on Saturdays when the closed blinds in the markets reveal their lively paintings. Don’t also forget the assortment of art galleries within the city.


The several markets and soils that spread across Jerusalem and the people in it are the major highlights of the city, there lies the soul of the city’s culture. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or admiring the landscape and its people as they haggle over prices, the Jerusalem market experience is amazing.


Jerusalem strikes the balance between a traditional cultural setting and the modern metropolis. Don’t let the flurry of cultural activities blind you from the bubbling nightlife in the city. Many of the night posts are open even on the sabbath for fun-seekers.

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