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Everything You need to Know about Israel

There’s no doubt that Israel is the Holy Land due to its cultural, religious and historical importance. Not only does it provide refreshing Mediterranean nature, Israel also delivers numerous archeological findings and ruins of ancient civilizations. The friendly people, extensive infrastructure and advanced technology make traveling very easy in the Holy Land. We explain all you need to know about Israel – the Holy Land, in this comprehensive travel guide.

What is Israel famous for?

Christians, Muslims and Jews regard Israel as the Holy Land because so many landmark events in their respective religions occurred in this nation. For the Muslims, Muhammad achieved ascension in Israel. For the Christians and Jews, this great country was the location of Jesus Christ’s birth. The Holy Land is mentioned numerous times in the Quran as well as the Bible and this makes it a religious and cultural center. Furthermore, the beautiful landscapes and features such as the Dead Sea make Israel even more attractive to travelers.

Climate, dominant weather and seasons

Did you know that Israel’s weather is favorable for traveling throughout the year? The Northern part of the country has a Mediterranean climate while the Southern part has an arid climate. For most of the year, Israel is hot. Sometimes the heat can be quite substantial so we advise you to travel in the Autumn or Spring months when it is fairly mild. However, if you dont mind experiencing the heat, you can go in the Summer and take in the Mediterranean like never before. While there, you can participate in the numerous festivals and learn new things while nourishing your soul.

The dishes you can eat in Israel

The cuisine in Israel can be described using words like delicious, spicy, unique, finger-licking, flavorful and cultural. There is so much culinary variety in the Holy Land that no single meal can really be described as the national dish. Therefore, feel free to sample some satisfying falafels, pita or hummus. You can also have shawarma or shakshuka. Vegetarians can feel right at home in Israel because most dishes are provided with meat or without it. Thus, you can choose the type that feels right for you. Notably, vegans could have a challenging time because most Israeli dishes are made with animal dairy products such as cheeses and yoghurt.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Israel is perfect for you! That’s because they offer numerous sweet dishes such as Kadaif, Baklava and Halva. These delicious desserts have spread throughout Greece, Turkey and Israel along with the Jewish religion. Biting into them is akin to sampling a bit of each nation so you have to sample them!

Places to visit while touring Israel

Despite its small size, Israel has surprising diversity. There are various landscapes to explore and numerous natural oases distributed everywhere for you to visit. Nazareth is a charming old city that has immense Biblical value and a rich Middle Eastern atmosphere. The largest lake in Israel is the Sea of Galilee and Christians know that it is the site of many miracles by Jesus Christ.

Tel Aviv is the most contemporary city in the nation and provides modern entertainment and amenities that contrast starkly with the historical attractions in Israel. You can spend your day shopping in its many markets and then shake a leg in the active nightlife. Looking to soak in the Mediterranean sunlight? Tel Aviv is close to multiple beautiful beaches where you can relax and get a tan. All in all, this city is incredibly technologically successful.

Jerusalem stands head and shoulders over all other Israeli cities due to its religious importance. Unanimously regarded as the holiest city in the world, it is the center of numerous pilgrimages by people from various religions. While there, you can explore the Old City and get transported back in time. Also, make a point to visit the museum and discover much more about the rich history of Jerusalem and Israel as well.

When you select the Israel and Jordan tour, you will see attractions such as the Dead Sea, Mount Zion and many more. After the trip is over, we guarantee that you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the historical and spiritual importance of the Holy Land.

Tips for packing and preparing for a trip to the Holy Land

By a large margin, the most important item of clothing that you should pack for a trip to Israel is lightweight clothing. As a matter of fact, you only need to wear a light jacket in the winter! Remember to pack a hat and some sunscreen as well. Carry some modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees if you plan to visit the religious sites. In addition to that, carry a light scarf to throw on from time to time as required. In case you forget any of these items of clothing, don’t worry because you can simply buy them while touring the country.

If the Holy Land is next on your bucket list, we’ve got you up to speed! We hope that you are fully prepared and ready to visit Israel.

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