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Agriculture in Israel

Are you interested in Israeli farming? Congratulations, you are in the right place!

Israeli farming has now become one of the most developed agricultural industries. Anyone interested in farming will surely notice its success by seeing the fruitful vineyards, beautiful olive groves, and large green land in most areas. Not only that, but Israel farming has also developed incredible farming techniques, from hydroponic to koi farming, that produces many great results. Cherry tomato is one of the fantastic Israeli inventions. Another achievement is the perfect quality of fruits–avocado, orange, grapefruit, apples, and date palms, not to mention antelopes, alpacas, and also snails.

If you see that desert occupies over 50% of the areas and only 20% is fertile land, you must agree that Israel farming’s achievement is impressive. The farming journey in Israel was started in the 19th century. It was when the European immigrated to Israel and brought comprehensive knowledge and admirable skill of farming. Since then, the farming system in Israel has grown, resulting in significant progress of farming yields that you can see today. There are some farms across Israel that you can visit and stay overnight. Those farms are located in the Galilee highland area down to the Arava and Negev deserts. There, you will see how farms were formed, learn the farming techniques, and taste the harvest.

The Israel Farming Journey

Some archaeologists stated that agriculture in Israel has begun since 23,000 years ago. Houses in the countryside that mostly have access to the market supported this statement. Also, some relics of history are found in the areas, such as digging tools and wine or olive presses and other relics made from stone. The Bronze Age told us that people lived naturally, adapted to the earth system cycles. But, the limestone tablet found in the 10th century, in which the Gezer calendar was written, showed that a specific yearly schedule of agricultural work did exist at that time. Being rich in wheat, barley, lentils, chickpeas, olives, figs, pomegranates, grapes, melons, and cucumbers, Israel is truly the land of milk and honey, as said in the Bible.

The Israel Modern Farming Techniques

Because of its advanced farming techniques, Israel deserves a title as a global leader. Hydroponic, which is done vertically and run by robots, made farming a lot easier and reduced the dependency of several factors. Instead of relying on soil, the hydroponic enables people to plant using another material: water. This technique also allows farmers to grow plants that are not limited to location or seasons and protect the yields by simply netting them.

The Kibbutz and Moshav

The Kibbutz and Moshav are two popular forms of agricultural settlements in Israel. The Kibbutz is an Israel collective community, which shared their wealth, including farm, duties, and income. However, some of them have privatized their own and got an extraordinary achievement. For example, Ein Gey, who lives in Galilee, has successfully owned and run a banana plantation, a dairy farm, and an ostrich-breeding project. Another successful story is owned by Yotvata, who is in Arava desert, which supplies milk for millions of Israeli children from her huge milk factory. Choco–fabled chocolate milk is the Israeli Children favorite.

Meanwhile, the Moshav, the other agricultural settlement, is a community, which the people have private ownership of their land but live together. They didn’t hire labourers and tended to share their farming tools. It can be said that the Moshav is a middle state between privately owned settlement and the communal living of the Kibbutz. Many of Moshavim are still doing farming. They are involved in grape cultivation, chicken farm, milk production, and beekeeping.

Find Your Favorite Farm in Israel

Fruits and vegetables, animals, spices, cheese–which one do you prefer? Here is the famous farm that can be a great option. Check it out! The Antelope Ranch, which is located in the Arava desert, is perfect for kids. This ranch offers a mini safari that children will enjoy. Not to mention the “Noah’s Ark” that will add fun to these young visitors. Desert hills surround this place and make it beautiful. It is a place where you can camp with the companion of Antelopes, zebras, and many kinds of birds. Take a “zimmer” and enjoy the real African adventure in Israel!

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