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About Israel


Israel is a universal center of religious importance. This country along with its capital city of Jerusalem are regarded as the Holy Land by the Muslims, Jews and Christians. Many regard the Old City as an intriguing and fascinating place. This section contains the Western Wall that is sacred to Judaism, Dome of the Rock that is sacred to Muslims and the Church of the Sepulcher that is sacred to Christians.

Jerusalem also has numerous sites that are holy to Jews and Christians. Furthermore, there are notable Biblical sites distributed around the country especially in the Galilee region. As a matter of fact, almost every single town in Israel has some Biblical connection and importance. While driving along, you will come across signs pointing to places that you can find in the Bible or historical books!


Alongside the Biblical history, Israel also contains fantastic ruins depicting almost every single empire and era. The Romans, Babylonians, Crusaders and Greeks among others all visited Israel. In the Negev Desert, there’s Masada Fortress and also ancient port cities such as Akko, Caesarea and Jaffa. Other ancient towns such as Nazareth, Beit Shean and Zippori dot the country. With this much evidence, Israel has immense historic value.

Geology and Geography

While the nation of Israel is a small country, it has substantial natural diversity. Much of the Southern frontier is covered by the Negev Desert. Approximately two hours away are the mountains of Galilee that closely resemble Tuscany. For frigid adventures, the Golan Heights contain a ski resort at Mount Hermon. Other geographical attractions include extended, fantastic beaches, hills of limestone and a City by the Red Sea. The numerous national parks and reserves in Israel all contain epic recounts of the country’s magical history.


You can find very beautiful beaches in Israel on the various water bodies that populate the country. The Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea all provide access to alluring beaches. The last of these is also the lowest place on Earth and contains saline water with remarkable medicinal properties. There are numerous spas around these seas and in the nation’s cities, towns and villages. Accommodation is well catered to in the numerous boutique hotels and luxurious resorts. In this exceptional country, you can find world-class brand hotels as well as cozy bed and breakfast establishments. Along with these, you can find adventure-filled campsites, suite hotels, luxury hotels and apartment rentals.


You can find a wide collection of extreme sporting opportunities in Israel. They include watersports such as windsurfing, diving and kitesurfing. You can also engage in adventures such as canyoning, caving and paragliding. Pick a mode of transport such as a bike or a jeep to explore the hidden gems of Israel. If you want something less physically demanding that fits your personal interests, you can pick a memorable guided tour of the famous attractions around the nation.

Now you know what to do in Israel!

It is our aspiration that this article has granted you a good idea of things you can do in Israel. Hundreds of appealing activities await you in this Holy Land. You can find out more information about things to do in Israel for one hour, a week or even a month! Feel free to use the menu at the top to identify the most ideal places to visit in Israel along with numerous activities in various parts of the nation according to the specific geographical features.

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