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A Journey into Israel – ‘The Land of Milk and Honey’

Have you ever wanted to experience the wonders of the Holy Land for yourself? By joining us on one of our Israel Day Tours, Private Tours and Multi-Day Tour Packages, you will be taking a journey of wonder and discovery into the Middle East.

This is an area that is full of natural splendor. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the otherworldly deserts. The emotional glory of a sunset or sunrise in one of Israel’s extraordinary beaches. Views from the tops of majestic peaks, such as the famed Mount Zion which boasts the highest point from the city of Jerusalem, will take your breath away. And what better way to spend an afternoon then to walk through one of Israel’s Forest Covered Parks where you can take in the sweet smells of trees like the popular Elah tree.

For those of you who enjoy the lush delights of soaking in the sun or relaxing in the waters, you will have the opportunity to swim in the Dead Sea. The mineral rich waters here will allow you to float in the ultimate relaxing experience. Alternatively, you can bathe in the sun on the warm sand by taking your time at the Golden Beaches of Eilat as you listen to the calm waters of the Red Sea.

If it is culture you seek, Israel will not disappoint. Not only does it have a deep archaeological and cultural history dating back to Bible times, but its modern-day culture is also sure to inspire and delight.

The rich culture and history of Israel runs throughout the land, leaving magical mysteries and wonders for you to explore. You will be captivated by the Roman Theatre at Caeserea, the ruins of Beit She’an and the ancient fortresses that are scattered across this diverse and vibrant region. Each one is steeped with its own stories that are beautiful, dramatic, often heart wrenching and full of memories that you will carry for years after your visit.

One of the richest cities to become immersed in the culture and history of Israel is Jerusalem. Here you will find the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the countries mass collection of architectural wonders in churches, mosques and synagogues. Many dating back hundreds of years showing the devotion of the Christians, Muslims and Jews who have treasured their country and faith for centuries. The beautiful city of Jerusalem has significant historical and religious importance to all three of the monotheistic religions.

It is in Jerusalem that you will find the Muslims Dome of the Rock, which is where the Prophet Muhammad is said to have ascended to heaven. The Church of the Sepulcher is held deep in the hearts of Christians who believe this to be the place Christ Jesus was crucified then resurrected. And the Jewish people hold the western wall in high regard as this is an important pilgrimage site for them.

Nazareth is another city that is closely acquainted with Jerusalem. Because of the biblical insights of this place, it is a place often visited by Israel tours. The Old City is the place to be to see such places as St. Josephs’ Church. It is said that here is where Jesus’ father Joseph had had his carpentry shop. As the eldest of the sons, Jesus would have worked in this place alongside Joseph. The angel Gabriel is also said to have visited Jesus’ mother, Mary, in this town inside the domed Basilica of the Annunciation.

While the beautiful history of religion of religion and culture is what brings many to Israel, there are still the modern day delights to enjoy on your tour. Visiting the cosmopolitan Tel Aviv is a trip not to be missed. You will want to enjoy the vibrancy of life in this beachside city as you pay a visit to art galleries, museums, local cuisine alongside open air markets. Complete with the trendy bars and boutique shops that we know you will love, this area is a sight to behold with its modernist Bauhaus architecture set against the Israel skyline.

With all that is to be seen across this breathtakingly gorgeous country it is easy to understand why Israel is a top tourist destination. No matter your interests, you can guarantee that an Israel tour will have something to delight you giving you that memorable once in a lifetime trip your always dreamed off.

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