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5 Things Israel Is Famous for

Israel has so much to offer its visitors, with many things to do that are completely unique to the location and not available anywhere else. When planning your visit to Israel, whether it’s your first time or one of many, here’s a comprehensive list of five amazing tourist activities and locations to experience when in Israel that you don’t want to miss out on.

1. The famously healing Dead Sea

Visit the lowest place on earth at 423 meters (1,388 ft) below sea level. This is one of Israel most popular attractions and its natural beauty and health benefits have seen visitors from all over the world throughout thousands of years. Experience the beauty of the amazing saline waters where you’ll float naturally and experience incredible, ancient health benefits the waters provide. Tour the Dead Sea for the day on an official planned tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, or visit one of the many spa hotels that the location has to offer.

2. Jerusalem: Where religion and culture meet

Experience a spiritual journey to the holiest place on earth, the Old City of Jerusalem. Containing many important religious sites for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, all within short distance of each other. Once you explore the walled city via one of its gates, you’ll notice a change in atmosphere and something truly unique and special for all visitors. The Old City is an intense historical landmark where local residents, religious visitors and traders brush shoulders with thousands of annual visitors who come to experience the unique, intense atmosphere and environment of the location.

3. Tel Aviv: The City of Culture, Nightlife & So much more

Tel Aviv is described as vibrant, diverse, and exciting and visitors to the city love exploring all that it has to offer. Although Tel Aviv isn’t very big by global standards, it offers a beach resort with sandy beaches for tourists to enjoy on its western perimeter, as well as a commercial center with skyscrapers stretching along the eastern perimeter. Another attraction of the city of Tel Aviv is some of the most incredible architecture, culture, shows, nightlife, and a unique atmosphere that’s unrivalled by other major international cities.

4. Visit the land of the bible

If you’re a first-time visitor to Israel, you’ll be intrigued by the historical land of the Bible, when you hit the open road and see road signs pointing to Nazareth, Capernaum, and Masada. Experience towns and villages that religious visitors have heard of their whole lives, and visit the settings of some of the most important stories in the world.

5. Internationally renowned hospitality

For hospitality lovers, Israel has some of the best in the world. A combination of the warmth of the Middle East and the sophistication of Europe and the US, which fuse to form a unique hospitality experience for all to enjoy. Israel has some world-famous restaurants, in the main cities as well as tucked away in more rural areas. Stay at some of the world’s best hotels in Israel that each offer unique stories. We have also incredible tours in Israel: Day Tours, Private Tours and Multi-Day Tour Packages, where you can experience the wealth of tourist attraction that Israel has to offer that’s sure to be an amazing experience for every visitor.

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