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5 Best Places to Visit in Greece

Across many generations, Greece has remained a top destination for tourists. The country boasts of a perfect blend of medieval and modern attractions and awaits its visitors with open arms. Greece has mainland and Island regions. Mainland Greece has 6 major regions which Athens, Delphi, Olympia, and Meteora. In each of these cities, there are abundant archeological sites and places of interest. Read on, to discover some of the most notable monuments and antiquities in the world, which should form your bucket list of places to visit while In Greece.

Apart from an impressive collection of historic sites, Greek culture and traditions are still alive till today. At street corners within the city and carnivals, you’ll run into Greek musicians performing their art. The locals don’t also drop the ball when it comes to good food, stop by any of the restaurants to enjoy local delicacies like the greek salads, tzatziki (yogurt dip), and tiropira (layered pastry pie with feta filling). Visit Greece to enjoy the savory dishes and the picturesque landscapes, take sightseeing tours of the ancient relics and come in contact with the local culture. There are not up to a handful of other destinations, that will offer you a more complete experience. And, no matter your interests, Greece has a place for you. You can get confused by the large number of choices available to you, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 places to visit while in this beautiful country.

The Acropolis

This monument derives its name from its towering height, in fact, the Greek name Acropolis means, “the highest point of the town.” There are such other Acreopoleis in the country but because of its historic significance, this one is regarded as The Acropolis. Sitting on a flat-topped rock that overlooks the city, some of the earliest constructions in this gigantic stone fort were done in the 5th Century BC under the coordination of Pericles. These historic monuments occupying the Acropolis are regarded as the greatest architectural and artistic antiquities handed down from the golden Greek age. They represent the excellence of architecture, art, and philosophy of the classical era.


Nafplion is a tiny town situated in the Argolic gulf, its early prominence was due to its proximity to the water body, so it was a port town. The town parades so much beauty for its small size and it only takes a stroll through the narrow streets to agree. It is one of the towns that still retain the traditionally styled buildings of the medieval era, so during your stroll, you’ll encounter many ancient architectural designs along the streets that you’d be relieving the medieval experience. Stop by any of the open restaurants to taste the local delicacies. Don’t leave the town without reaching the Palamidi fortress. Climb about a thousand steps from the base to reach the fortress, and enjoy an amazing view of the town and sea.


Located on Mount Parnassus, the elevated position of the town makes it a vantage point for a view of the surrounding area, but what makes Delphi more popular is that it’s home to the Sanctuary of Apollo. Regarded in ancient times as the center of the earth, many worshippers trooped to the sanctuary to consult the oracle “Apollo” – son of Zeus, the Greek God of art, healing, and poetry – who spoke through a priestess.


Meteora is a rocky topography with monasteries built their zenith and in natural caves on these rocks. There are over two dozen such monasteries and they’re not only of religious significance, but they also have historic value too. From the cliffs of the rock, the view of the town is simply panoramic. It is quite a misnomer from what you’d expect to see while touring Greece, but it’s just as beautiful as it is strange.


Santorini is one of the most popular of Greece’s 227 habitable islands. Everything in Santorini looks so beautiful, that many tourists assert that it won Nature’s lottery. The Island offers glamorous ocean views and within the city, the streets are lined by cubic whitewashed houses and blue-domed chapels. The scenic landscape is also complemented by wineries that produce excellently processed wine and parades delectable cuisines, making it a perfect romantic dinner destination. In the evening, lie by the beach and watch the sunset in Santorini, it is arguably the most romantic in the world. Not many persons know that Santorini sits on the edge of a Caldera (volcano), the last volcanic eruption that occurred here was in the 1650s.
Santorini is only popular amongst other islands in Greece, but the country is home to over 6000 islands, surrounded by the Aegean and Ionian seas. If you’re asking the best time to visit these locations, it’s mainly during the Spring and Summer (Mid-March to Mid-June) because the climate of Islands at that time will be most conducive for outdoor events like sunbathing on the black sandy beaches, windsurfing, and snorkeling or just floating on the crystal blue waters.

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