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24 Hours in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the most appealing cities for any adventurous traveler worldwide. This city is full of magic and historical sites, and fascinating culture. When it comes to discovering Portugal, Lisbon should be on the list.

No doubt the city of Lisbon is famous for its lively entertainment. This city offers its travelers with charming streets, flavorsome eatables, and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed markets. Within just 24 hours, you can not only go on sightseeing the most attractive hills and magnificent architecture but also have much more to witness with your eyes.

If you have 24 hours, you will need to develop a plan to make that time count. Within just 24 hours, it’s a little hard to witness all the city’s worth visiting sites, but you don’t have to worry as we have a compilation of some places that you must see within the 24 hour trip of yours to the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Ride The Tram 28

If you want to foresee most of the city in a single ride, you must ride Tram 28. For this purpose, you have to wake up early and there before the crowd sets in, and on your way to the tram, make sure you grab a coffee for yourself from one of the charming cafes of Lisbon. Get to Martim Moniz, the first stop of the tram, and you’re ready to begin the adventure like no other in the city of Lisbon. The tram passes through the main streets of this lovely city, where you can admire most of the architecture as it makes its way through. You definitely should look out for the pastel-colored buildings of Alfama District and steep cobbled hills of Lisbon, which will offer you stunning sights you might’ve never seen before. In short, Lisbon is simply a paradise full of beauty and tastes waiting to be discovered by you.

Wander through Alfama

Next on your list is the Alfama neighborhood. This will grant you one of the most amazing views of the city of Lisbon. You will find old-fashioned bars, boutiques, and restaurants along the hilly streets of this part of the city, which create an atmosphere of livelihood. Walking up in the meandering streets will lead you to the city Portas do Sol, best viewpoint. From this spot, if you keep walking up the hill, you will reach a famous castle on top of the hill.

Tour Castelo de São Jorge

One of Lisbon’s best views can be witnessed by you if you visit Castelo de São Jorge, which is situated on top of a steep hill in Alfama Neighbourhood. From that height, the city’s rooftops will present you with an outstanding view. Additionally, make sure you have enough water supply with yourself as after roaming in the courtyard of this castle, you will heading to another castle named Miradouro do Castelo for another lovely sight. Exceptional architecture by the Tagus River will be providing you a fantastic view. Moreover, catch different buses within the city to cover as much ground as possible to make most of your hours count. Once done, go back to the center part of the city to visit the square known as Praca Da Figueira. This is the spot where your Lisbon city tour will begin and come to an end. Finally, catch a yellow bus from here to move across the city and stop at all the tourist spots.

Lisbon Cathedral

If you’re looking forward to admiring the fantastic architecture, you will find one at Igreja da Madalena, which is to the left of Rua da Conceição. If you continue along in that direction, you will come across an 18th-century baroque building, the church of Santa António. Lisbon Cathedral won’t be far from here, just a few minutes of walk will lead you there. Once you get there, it’s up to you if you wish to roam around it or sit on a bench and enjoy the captivating beauty of the city of Lisbon and finish your trip. Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is now gaining a tourist attraction. Cobbled roads, tram, pastel-colored buildings, and historical sites make this city like no other.

In short, 24 hours are not enough for exploring this city inch by inch but still, within this amount of time, you can foresee the most prominent and beautiful landmarks of this city. Don’t forget to devour the delicious custard tarts. Many more destinations waiting for you on our exciting range of tours.

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